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Evaluator for the project "Support for Low-Emission Development in South East Europe" (SLED)

The REC is inviting calls for proposals from individuals/organisations to undertake a final evaluation of the project “Support for Low-Emission Development in South East Europe" (SLED).


The evaluator(s) must have:

  • a profound knowledge of and experience in climate policy development, with a special emphasis on decarbonisation and mitigation;
  • proven experience in managing evaluations (a minimum of three);
  • experience with the EU accession and law harmonisation process;
  • an understanding of economic modeling and a knowledge of scenario development in the building sector or electricity sector;
  • knowledge of the specificities of the beneficiary countries and the dynamics of political, economic and social transition, in particular linked to energy and climate policy development;
  • proven experience in project management (international experience within the United Nations system/EU policies will be considered an asset);
  • previous experience in South Eastern Europe and experience of capacity-building projects;
  • excellent drafting skills; and
  • fluent English (knowledge of the national language(s) of the beneficiary countries will be considered an asset).


Members of the evaluation team must not have been involved in the design/planning, monitoring or implementation of the project.

Expected output 

The output of this task will be an evaluation report in English. The maximum length of the report is 40 pages with annexes. As preparation for the evaluation task and final report, it is also expected that the evaluator(s) will produce an inception report following the format defined in the ADC Guidelines for Project and Programme Evaluation.

The structure and content of the final report should meet the requirements of the ADC guidelines and other international standards. The final draft evaluation report and final report must be structured according to the OECD/DAC criteria and the evaluation questions.

The evaluation report must:

  • contain an executive summary (mandatory);
  • be analytical in nature (both quantitative and qualitative);
  • answer all evaluation questions;
  • be structured around issues and related findings/lessons learnt;
  • include conclusions; and
  • include recommendations.

The evaluation report will be assessed against the evaluation quality criteria of the OECD/DAC. In addition, the final report should:

  • comply with the terms of reference;
  • include a description and assessment of the intervention logic;
  • base any conclusions and recommendations on clearly stated findings;
  • include a clear methodology section (previously defined and agreed in the inception report) explaining how information was gathered, processed and analysed;
  • be realistic about the lessons learnt and other recommendations, which should be clearly addressed to concrete stakeholders, partners, etc.;
  • contain a list of consulted stakeholders; and
  • contain a bibliography detailing all documents used, but highlighting the most important.

The REC will provide supervision and logistical support for the desk research by making the relevant project documents available, and for setting up interviews on the spot, if applicable. 

The evaluator is expected to complete all tasks for a fee of EUR 12,000, and will be given a separate travel budget (if travel is required based on the inception report) of EUR 1,250.

Application procedure

Candidate(s) must submit an application package comprising a technical offer and a financial offer in two separate sealed envelopes, together with an electronic copy of the documents on a CD. The technical offer must include a cover letter of a maximum of two pages presenting the evaluator/evaluation team and illustrating the evaluator’s/team members’ capacities, relevant experience and qualifications for the envisaged tasks. In the case of team applications, it must be clearly visible from the offer which of the proposed evaluators will act as team leader. The cover letter should be accompanied by supporting documents (CVs, references, relevant certificates). The financial offer must be submitted in a separate envelope, as the two will be assessed independently.

In order for offers to be assessed not only in terms of cost, the technical offers will be assessed first by the project team at the REC, based on a pre-defined evaluation grid. The assessment team will comprise the REC staff members responsible for project implementation (maximum four people), the project director and one representative from the REC’s Finance Department. The best value for money offer will be selected.

The deadline for the submission of applications is 14:00 CET on May 15, 2016.

Offers must be sent by post to:
ATTN: Vaiva Indilaite
Regional Environmental Center
Ady Endre ut 9-11
2000 Szentendre, Hungary